It is important that your team know how to appropriately support someone in crisis to help reduce the risk of death by suicide. Accessing professional suicide prevention training is recommended. In addition, your organisation should have clear procedures to follow including how to access local mental health crisis support where required.

A crisis management plan should include the following 5 key steps:

  • Reducing their emotional distress
  • Removing their means to end their life
  • Supporting coping strategies
  • Developing and connect to a network of support
  • Is suicidal intent / risk reduced? If not refer to local mental health crisis support


We recommend the crisis management approach laid out in the following tools (adapted from STORM training materials).

This tool provides a structured approach to support someone in crisis (adapted from STORM training materials)

This tool provides clear guidelines on what action to take according to the risk of suicide.

This can be a bookmarked list available digitally or a physical list of numbers and contacts.


Risk assessment


Crisis prevention