Introduction to the SOCAS Resource Hub

The Survivors of Childhood Abuse Support (SOCAS) Resource Hub has been designed for practitioners supporting people affected by childhood abuse: to review, learn and evaluate their practice in order to reduce risk and deliver better outcomes.

What is it?

This Resource Hub will support you to demonstrate the impact of your work and to take an ongoing learning approach to your practice. It’s quick to use, simple to adopt, and designed to help busy people find the right tools and support.

The evidence and tools used throughout the Resource Hub are drawn from the best of available research and resources available. These are well documented and clear reference details are included so you can delve deeper into other publications if you wish. The Resource Hub is designed to link to other existing sources of support and information e.g. National Trauma Training Programme.

We have made every effort to ensure that our Resource Hub is up-to-date and referenced correctly. Sometimes small errors will occur or a link becomes broken and we will rectify this as soon as it is identified. If you have any questions about this guide please contact us at

How do I use it?

Ensuring safe and effective support for people affected by childhood abuse is complex and challenging. Organisations supporting people affected by childhood abuse should be seeking to learn and adapt their approaches on an ongoing basis to ensure that they are safe and effective.

By collating robust evidence, you can demonstrate the effectiveness of your interventions, ensure that you are being truly person-centred and trauma-informed, and support your organisation’s ongoing sustainability by attracting a range of ongoing funding.

This Resource Hub brings together the best tools and resources in one place and provides guidance on their implementation. It is brought to you by Inspiring Scotland in partnership with Scottish Government. It is free to use and share.

How to find the resources and guidance you need

How do I ensure...

our wellbeing and counselling approaches and trauma treatments are clearly defined and evidence based?

our counsellors and trainers are appropriately qualified, trained, experienced and accredited?

we have up to date tools in place to ensure Risk Assessment, Crisis Prevention and Crisis Management for our service users?

we have a good evaluation plan and are learning from its findings?

our reporting on our wider wellbeing and resilience activities is robust and evidence based?

our Counselling and Trauma Treatment monitoring and reporting is robust and transparent?

the mental health, wellbeing and resilience of staff is well supported?

How has it been developed?

We have developed this Resource Hub based on learning from a recent review of some of the Inspiring Scotland SOCAS organisations. This identified areas where practitioners were seeking further support to learn and evaluate their approaches.

Feedback from charities supporting people affected by childhood abuse and other partners influenced the Resource Hub design and content.

We would like to thank Dr Amy Homes and Avril Blamey for their expert contribution in the writing of this Resource Hub.